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We are seeking to raise $800,000-$1,200,000 to build the worlds first EV Expedition vehicle and to get it on the market in 8-12 months from now. 

We do not tend to mass manufacture these as what Tesla, Rivian, and other manufactures are doing, but we plan to only build 1-2 per month, but plan to sell them anywhere from $550,000-$600,000.

Our competitors that build Diesel powered expedition vehicles are currently booked for 12-14 months on their builds and charge an average of $800,000-$1,500,000 for their vehicles. This gets us a huge advantage over our competition to not only build something that is more efficient to survive off grid, but something that is far more unique to any other vehicle on the market. 

We project that it will cost about $350,000 to build this unit and that it will take 2-3 months to build the first concept model. Once the concept model is complete, we will conduct a major promotion and testing on the model to introduce how well it can perform off grid and off roading. 

Once all the kinks have been modified, we will build our last perfected stock model and allow customers to submit pre orders on our unit. 

We already have over 30 customers interested in this unit, but because we have never made such a unit, I wish to build the concept model first to ensure we build this correctly. 

We have never raised money for something like this, but we are proposing 20% for 12 months or we are open to possible market shares on the first 12 months of full production. 

We appreciate your interest and look forward to hear from you.