Units Built to Sustain Life With Neccesary Survival Supplies

Imagine all power goes out in your city, grocery store shelves are empty, gas stations are closed, and there is no way to get additional emergency food supplies to sustain the life for you and your family.

That is what a emergency food supply bunker is for. It provides, power, water, food, and all other necessities needed to provide and protect you and your family.

What Does The Emergency Food Supply Bunker Include:


- Fully Insulated 
- 1375 Watt Solar Kit With 400 AH Battery Backup System 
- 660 Gallons of Fresh Water Tank Storage  
- Water Filtration System 
- Water Heater 
- Enough Storage Space for Up to 4 Years of Food Supply 
- Fire Extinguisher First Aid Station 
- Year Supply of Garden Seeds 
- CB Com Station w/ AM FM Radio 
- Fire Starting Kit

- Gas Masks 
- Shovel/Ax Kit 
- Year Supply Toilet Paper

- Portable Toilet

- Electric ATV When Gas is  No Longer Available.